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The East Asian Club Ranking (EACR) is a ranking system for men's club teams from East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) and ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) in association football.

The ranking tends to converge on an East Asian club team's true strength relative to its competitors during a four-year assessment period. Match data are primarily from the FIFA official website, the official websites of the competitions, and Soccerway.com, etc. The ranking is updated every month.

EACR is recording the perfomance of the club teams from the following football associations:

Football Federation Australia (AUS) Chinese Football Association (CHN)
National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (BRU) Guam Football Association (GUM)
Football Federation of Cambodia (CAM) Hong Kong Football Association (HKG)
Football Association of Indonesia (IDN) Japan Football Association (JPN)
Lao Football Federation (LAO) DPR Korea Football Association (PRK)
Football Association of Malaysia (MAS) Korea Football Association (KOR)
Myanmar Football Federation (MYA) Macau Football Association (MAC)
Philippine Football Federation (PFF) Mongolian Football Federation (MNG)
Football Association of Singapore (SIN) Chinese Taipei Football Association (TPE)
Football Association of Thailand (THA)
East Timor Football Federation (TLS)
Vietnam Football Federation (VIE)

EACR is maintained by Soccer-CJKV, a group of volunteers who are interested in East Asian football. The volunteers collect the match information, calculate the points, review the data, update the ranking, and maintain the website.

Thanks to the volunteers: Beyond, Yiwei Dujiang, Snow_F, Yangwang Xingkong, Limingxiong, Donggua, Dacong-Mingfan, Oulala, Semicolon, Guiqulaixi, Danny, Hmgiovanniv, Linyuzhong.


The factors taken into account for a single match are Match Result, Match Status, Opposition Strength and Association Strength. Clubs' Overall Points are a result of the average points gained over each year; matches from the previous 48 months are considered, with more weight being given to recent ones.

In EACR, clubs are ranked according to their Overall Points.

Ranking Points for a single match = Match Result × Match Status × Opposition Strength × Association Strength × 100

Overall Points = Average Points (AP)within last 12 mo. × 1.2 + AP12–24 mo. ago × 0.5 + AP24–36 mo. ago × 0.3 + AP36-48 mo. ago × 0.2

Competitions included in the EACR calculation are listed as follows (2019):

AFC Champions League · AFC Cup
K League 1 · K League 2 · Korean FA Cup (QF, SF, final) · Play-offs of 1st and 2nd level leagues
Chinese Super League · China League One · Chinese FA Cup (QF, SF, final) · Play-offs of 1st and 2nd level leagues
J1 League · J2 League · Emperor's Cup (QF, SF, final) · Play-offs of 1st and 2nd level leagues
A-League · FFA Cup (QF, SF, final) · Play-offs of 1st and 2nd level leagues
Thai League 1
Hong Kong Premier League
Malaysia Super League
V.League 1
Indonesia Liga 1
Myanmar National League
Singapore Premier League
Philippine Premier League
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