동아시아 클럽 랭킹의 계산 방법 東アジアクラブランキングの算出方法 东亚俱乐部排名计算方法 PHƯƠNG PHÁP TÍNH TOÁN CỦA BẢNG XẾP HẠNG CÂU LẠC BỘ ĐÔNG Á

The factors taken into account for a single match are Match Result, Match Status, Opposition Strength and Association Strength. Clubs' Overall Points are a result of the average points gained over each year; matches from the previous 48 months are considered, with more weight being given to recent ones.

In the East Asian Club ranking, clubs are ranked according to their Overall Points.

The following competitions are included in the ranking calculation according to their association's 3-Year Average Points in Association Strength > Club Points in AFC Club Competitions Ranking > Total Points in FIFA World Ranking:

Associations AFC club competitions
(finals and play-offs of AFC Champions League and AFC Cup)
1st level domestic league 2nd level domestic league Domestic cup (QF, SF, final)
Play-offs of 1st and 2nd level league(s)
1st~4th ranked assn.
(Group A)
5th~12th ranked assn.
(Group B)
13th~last ranked assn.
(Group C)

Available Competitions: The AFC club competitions, domestic leagues, and domestic cups mentioned above (with the ✓ sign) are included in the ranking calculation.

Available Club Teams: Club teams from East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) and/or ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) participating the AFC club competitions and domestic leagues (not domestic cups) mentioned above (with the ✓ sign) are included in the ranking list.

Ranking Points for a single match

The number of points that can be won in a match depends on the following factors:

Ranking Points for a single match = MR × MS × OS × AS × 100

Match Result

Result Points
Win (no penalty shootout) 3.00
Win (penalty shootout) 2.00
Draw 1.00
Loss (penalty shootout) 0.99
Loss (no penalty shootout) 0.00

Match Status

Match Status Multiplier
1st level domestic league
× 1.50
2nd level domestic league
× 1.20
Domestic cup (quarter-finals, semi-finals, final)
× 1.80
AFC Cup play-offs × 1.60
AFC Cup finals × 1.80
AFC Champions League play-offs × 3.00
AFC Champions League finals × 3.50

Opposition Strength

A win against a very highly ranked opponent is a considerably greater achievement than a win against a low-rated opponent, so the strength of the opposing club is a factor.
The system uses an Opposition Strength factor based on club rankings. The formula used is:

OS = ( Total club no. with switching its units digit to 0 – ranking position ) / ( Total club no. with switching its units digit to 0 × 0.5 )

With the exceptions that the club ranked number 1 is given a multiplier of 2, and clubs with the "strength" value less than 0.5 are assigned the minimum multiplier of 0.5.
The ranking position is taken from the opposition's ranking in the most recently published East Asian Club Ranking before the match is included in the ranking calculation.

Association Strength

In addition to the Opposition Strength multiplier, Soccer-CJKV considers the relative strength of entire associations in the calculation. Each association is assigned a weighting between 0.70 and 1.00, based on the relative performance of the associations in the last three AFC Champions League finals. For example, the AS of the associations for 2017 are listed as follows (valid from January 2017 to December 2017):

  • KOR 1.00
  • AUS 0.92
  • JPN 0.91
  • CHN 0.90
  • THA 0.73
  • HKG 0.70
  • MAS 0.70
  • VIE 0.70
  • IDN 0.70
  • MYA 0.70
  • SIN 0.70
  • PHI 0.70
  • LAO 0.70
  • PRK 0.70
  • TPE 0.70
  • CAM 0.70
  • MAC 0.70
  • GUM 0.70
  • BRU 0.70
  • TLS 0.70
  • MNG 0.70
  • The weighting factor for the associations is determined on the basis of the last three AFC Champions League final competitions. The following calculation steps, which are set out in the table below, are performed:

    1. The calculation is limited to inter-association matches between clubs from EAFF+AFF at the AFC Champions League final competition concerned, i.e. matches between clubs from the same association are excluded to avoid distortion of the results.
    2. The number of won and drawn inter-association matches between clubs from EAFF+AFF is determined for each association. A win is awarded 1 point and a draw is awarded 0.5 point.
    3. The average number of inter-association matches won in each season is calculated:
      Average per game = Points of that season ÷ Games played during that season
    4. The average of "Average per game" during the last three AFC Champions League final competitions is calculated.
      e.g. 3-Y AVG12-14 = (Average per game of 2012 + Average per game of 2013 + Average per game of 2014) ÷ 3
    5. The association weighting in comparison to the best association is calculated.
      ASassn.x = weightassn.x = ( 3-Y AVGassn.x / 3-Y AVGbest assn. ) 0.7
      Additional conditions: If ASassn.x < 0.70 → ASassn.x = 0.70.

    The following is an example about the calculation of the Association Strength:

    The calculation result for a year's Association Strength will be released in January of that year together with the ranking.

    Overall Points

    A club's total number of points (Overall Points) over a four-year period is determined by adding:

    Matches played over the last four years (48 months) are included in the calculation, but there is a weighting to put more emphasis on recent results. The weighting is as follows:

    Date of match Multiplier
    Within the last 12 months × 1.20
    12–24 months ago × 0.50
    24–36 months ago × 0.30
    36–48 months ago × 0.20
    Older than 48 months × 0.00 (deleted)

    Overall Points = Average Points (AP)within last 12 mo. × 1.2 + AP12–24 mo. ago × 0.5 + AP24–36 mo. ago × 0.3 + AP36-48 mo. ago × 0.2

    APwithin last 12 mo. = ( Total AFC Pts. + 30 × Total Domestic Pts. ÷ Total Domestic Matches Pld. ) / ( Total AFC Matches Pld. + 30 )

    In addition, within 12 months, a club only gets the full average if it has played at least 10 domestic matches. If a club played less than 10 domestic matches, its points within this 12 months period,

    AP12-mo. = ( Total AFC Pts. + Total Domestic Pts. × 3 ) / ( Total AFC Matches Pld. + 30 )

    Within 12 months, if a club participated AFC club competition(s) but its domestic league didn't included in the calculation (or the club didn't participated the domestic league), 3000 points and 30 matches are provided as its "domestic competition",

    AP12-mo. = ( Total AFC Pts. + 3000 ) / ( Total AFC Matches Pld. + 30 )

    If a club exceeds the assessment period (48 months) without playing a match, it is temporarily removed from the rankings, and is reinstated as soon as it plays a match again.

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